We believe that social media is the new marketplace, and that as such, taking advantage of this can be helpful in generating leads for your property.

The videos we create aim to make a house look exciting and vibrant, and like a place that people can imagine living and creating memories in. Many marketing videos for houses just show a tour of an unoccupied house. While this is great for showing the features of a home, At Real Estate Done Different, we want to bring some movement and life into the dwelling as well!

Want to find out more about what we do and who we are? Read on!

Who we are

Real Estate Done Different is run by founder Nicky, and her dog Zorro. Together, they work with the talented videographer Mark to create beautifully-shot, captivating videos of homes on the market.

The idea for Real Estate Done Different came about from Nicky combining her passion for real estate with her deep love of animals. Nicky has been a dog-lover for many years. As a child she her got her first, Scruffy (a Sidney Silky), then as a teen her second, a Corgi named Butch, who loved sailing! At 35 she welcomed her third dog into her family, a Siberian Huskie called Nari who was with her for 10.5 years. In August 2018, Nicky adopted her fourth, Zorro from the RSPCA.

A number of years after her beloved Nari passed away, Nicky decided to open her heart up to another. When Nicky first saw Zorro (then named Mushu) at the RSPCA, he was sitting on top of his kennel rather than in it. She took him for a walk and fell in love with him, adopting him the following week. Undecided on a name, he was called Reggie for a little while before Nicky’s friend suggested the name Zorro, due to the white “Z” on his chest. Zorro and Nicky are now best friends for life!


Our founder Nicky has had many different professions, from being the owner of an art gallery and framing business in Cairns, to being a Licenced Electrical Fitter/Mechanic. In 2019, she obtained her Cert IV in Real Estate.

Nicky has a real thrill-seeker side. At the age of 13, she joined the air cadets, and at 15 she began flying with the New Plymouth Aero Club, where she won a flying scholarship, flew aerobatics and won a Trophy. At 16, she was part of a crew on her Dad’s yacht, sailing from New Zealand to Vanuatu. During her life, she has also snow-skied, jet-skied, water-skied, zip-lined, hang-glided, paraglided, glided, sky dived, over 30 bungy-jumps, white water rafted, ridden an Elephant, flown a Fokker F28, a Piper Club, and various Cessnas! Another passion of hers is travelling overseas, something she’s looking forward to doing more of in the future.

What we do

While many real estate house videos just show the unoccupied house, we aim to do something a little bit different! At Real Estate Done Different, we produce content that shows how people can enjoy and utilise the home for sale. Teaming up with their talented videographer, Mark, Nicky and Zorro are filmed having a blast in the property, to help bring the property to life for the world of virtual reality.

We create videos showing how people (and animals) can enjoy a property, to help prospective buyers find it easier to see themselves and their families living in the space. At Real Estate Done Different we love the idea of helping our clients sell their homes, while also providing a video to show potential buyers how they could be enjoying the property. Homes aren’t a static object, they are a place where you and your family will build memories and stories, hopefully for many years to come. We want to show houses as the lived-in homes they can be, complete with furry friends!


As a business, we aim to promote Local Bayside Brisbane Business’s, while donating to the RSPCA.

At Real Estate Done Different, we aim to give our clients a unique and intriguing media creation for them to use in the promotion of their home. We believe that by creating a video of the home being lived in and enjoyed, we can help to give potential buyers a snippet of what their lives in the home could look like.

Sell your home quicker!

To find out more about what Real Estate Done Different can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Nicky and Zorro today!