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At Real Estate Done Different, we are a business that aims to create videos of the property you wish to sell, with the hopes of landing you more interested prospective buyers.

These aren’t just regular house tour videos, though! Our founder Nicky and her dog Zorro, along with our videographer Mark, work to produce videos that show just how fun and liveable a home can be.

Find out more about our team, and how we aim to assist our clients, below!

Videos with energy

At Real Estate Done Different, our passion is to create amazing videos that show how homes can be enjoyed. We create videos that showcase our founder Nicky and her dog Zorro having a great time in a property, demonstrating the way each property can be lived in. Standard videos of house tours can do a great job of showing the features of a home and giving a sense of the space available; however, we wish to take things a step further. We understand that buyers often want to imagine themselves living in a home and creating memories and aim to help show how a home can be enjoyed through our videos.

Who we are


Real Estate Done Different is currently made up of founder Nicky (plus her dog Zorro), and videographer Mark.

In case you couldn’t tell, Nicky is a big lover of dogs! Her first as a child was a Sidney Silky named Scruffy. At thirteen she got her second, Butch, who was a Corgi. Butch loved sailing, and even dived overboard once as he was so excited to play with the dolphins. At 35, she got her third dog, Nari, a grey and white Siberian Husky. Nari would talk to Nicky when she got home, and when she wagged her tail, her whole body would wave. She was with Nicky for ten-and-a-half years. After Nari passed away, Nicky waited a number of years before opening her heart to a new furry companion. In 2018, she adopted Zorro, and the two have been best buds ever since!

Nicky has a saying: “Puppies are all about love. Theirs is unconditional, ours is optional”. According to Nicky, there was something about Zorro that she instantly liked. When she saw him at the RSPCA, he was on top of his kennel, rather than in it! She took him for a walk and says it was love at first sight. Later that week she picked up Zorro (who was then named Mushu) and brought him home… but not before discovering that he had a real love for riding in convertibles!

Over the following weeks, Nicky was undecided about her newly-adopted pooch’s name. For a time he was even called Reggie! Then, a friend in New Zealand suggested the name Zorro, due to the white “Z” he has on his chest, and the name stuck!

Throughout the years, our founder Nicky has had many different professions. Some of these include being the owner of an art gallery and framing business, to being a Licensed Electrical Fitter/Mechanic. She obtained her Cert IV in Real Estate in 2019.

Nicky has a real thrill-seeker side. At the age of 13, she joined the air cadets, and at 15 she began flying with the New Plymouth Aero Club, where she won a flying scholarship, flew aerobatics and won a Trophy. At 16, she was part of a crew on her Dad’s yacht, sailing from New Zealand to Vanuatu. During her life, she has also snow-skied, jet-skied, water-skied, zip-lined, hang-glided, paraglided, glided, sky dived, over 30 bungy-jumps, white water rafted, ridden an Elephant, flown a Fokker F28, a Piper Club, and various Cessna’s! Another passion of hers is traveling overseas, something she’s looking forward to doing more of in the future.

Promote your home for sale with our engaging videos!

At Real Estate Done Different, we aim to give our clients a unique, intriguing media creation for them to use in the promotion of their home. We believe that by creating a video of the home being lived in and enjoyed, we can help to give potential buyers a snippet of what their lives in the home could look like.

Why we do what we do

We love the idea of helping our clients sell their homes, while also providing a video to show potential buyers how they could be enjoying the property. Homes aren’t a static object, they are a place where you and your family will build memories and stories, hopefully for many years to come. We want to show houses as the lived-in homes they can be, complete with furry friends!

Real Estate Done Different aims to promote Bayside Brisbane Business. We are also supporters of the RSPCA and wish to help contribute to their cause through donations… after all, they brought Zorro and Nicky together!


Contact Us

To find out more about what Real Estate Done Differently can do for you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with Nicky and Zorro today!

Call Nicky on 0427 715 513 or alternatively fill out the contact form – we look forward to getting in touch.

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